12 апреля Юрий Гагарин совершил первый в мире космический полет.***** Am 12. April 1961 machte Juri Gagarin das weltweit erste Raumflug.***** On 12 April 1961 Yury Gagarin made the first-ever space flight.*****

Starting from 31st October 2000 humans are permanently in the space:

Today in space: ISS-61        Next launch: Soyuz MS-16

In the space


The longest flights of women:
Peddy Whitson: 289 d 5 h 1 m 30 s
Anne McClain: 203 d 15 h 17 m 00 s
SamantaCristofforetti: 199 d 16 h 42 m 46 s
The longest flights of US astronauts:
Scott Kelly: 340 d 8 h 42 m 30 s
Peggy Whitson: 289 d 5 h 1 m 30 s
Michael Lopez-Alegria: 215 d 8 h 22 m 48 s
Christina Koch:
Titov Lists of astronauts by age:
Ross Lucid Currently, six women have flown into space five times. The first three, four and five flights were made by Shannon Lusid . Full list of women astronauts and astronauts who committed