Menschen im Weltraum. Wostok. Humans in space. vostok. Человек в космосе. Восток.


Vostok is series the first manned space ships. The program manned flights Vostok was carried out in the Soviet Union since 1961 to 1963. Under the program Vostok is executed six manned flights.
First in the world the space flight has made Yuri Gagarin by the space ship Vostok.
First in the world the daily flight has made German Titov by the space ship Vostok - 2.
First in the world group flight have made Andrian Nikolaev by the space ship Vostok - 3 and Pavel Popovich by the space ship Vostok - 4. During group flight the space ships Vostok - 3 and Vostok - 4 approached up to 2 km, thus cosmonauts Nikolaev and Popovich observed each other.
The second group flight have made Valery Bzkovsky by the space ship Voctok - 5 and first in the world the woman – cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova by the space ship Vostok - 6. Cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky has established a record of duration of stay in space - almost 5 days. This record of stay in space in a singleton remains not break till now. Apparently, this record will be break never.
Gagarin Titov

First and second soviets kosmonauts:
Gagarin and Titov.

First four

First 4 soviets kosmonauts:
Gagarin, Popovich, Titov and Nikolaev.


Group of the soviet cosmonauts. In front, from left: Anikin, Yorkina, Popovich, Tereshkova, Solovyova. In back, from left: ???, Shonin, Belyayev, Titov, Nikolaev, Nelyubov, Khrunov, Komarov, Gagarin, Volynov, Gorbatko, Leonov.


Start for Vostok mission.


The first six Soviet cosmonauts: Popovich, Gagarin, Tereshkova, Nikolayev, Bykovsky, Titov.


The first nine Soviet cosmonauts: In front from left: Popovich, Gagarin, Tereshkova, Egorov.
Behind from left: Titov, Komarov, Feoktistov, Nikolayev, Bykovsky.

All manned flights under the program Vostok:

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