Menschen im Weltraum. Shenzhou. Humans in space. Shenzhou. Человек в космосе. Шэньчжоу.


China is the third country that independently manages manned space flights. By 2022, China has implemented nine manned spaceflights. 14 astronauts flew into space, among them two women. Nie Haisheng and Jing Haipeng three times flew in space. 6 astronauts took part in the spacewalk.
China is actively developing a three-stage manned space program. The first stage - to send an astronaut into space and safely return it to the ground. This phase was carried out in 2003, when Yang Liwei made the first manned flight on the Shenzhou-5.
The second phase of the manned space program is underway, the goal of which is to go into outer space and docking in orbit, as well as the launch of a space laboratory that can be temporarily inhabited. In September 2016 China's space laboratory "Tiangong-2" was put into orbit. It is planned that this laboratory will be periodically inhabited. Two cosmonauts can live in the laboratory of "Tiangong-2" for 30 days. To the laboratory can dock manned and cargo spaceships.
The third stage is the launching into the orbit a permanently operating habitable space station Tiangong. China plans to start building space station. China's space station will consist of three parts, weighing more than 60 tons, and be able to docking of two manned ships and one cargo ship. Six astronauts can stay at the station simultaneously. The station must remain in orbit for ten years. Astronauts can stay in orbit for more than one year.

Facts of China's Space Manned Program:

List of Chinese astronauts..

Shenzhou before the launch.


Launch of Shenzhou-7.


Shenzhou and Tiangun station.


Liu Boming in the outer space.


Crew of the Shenzhou-09: Лю Ван, Цзин Хайпэн и Лю Янг.

Все пилотируемые полёты кораблей Shenzhou:

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