Menschen im Weltraum. Woschod. Humans in space. Voskhod. Человек в космосе. Восход.


Voskhod is the first multiplace manned spacecraft. The Voskhod - program of manned flights implemented in the Soviet Union in 1964 - 1965. Under the Voskhod - program are executed two manned flights. The first flight of the multiplace spacecraft Voskhod was carried out in October, 1964. A commander of the space crew was Vladimir Komarov, in a structure of crew included the engineer Konstantin Feoktistov and doctor Boris Egorov.
The flight Voskhod - 2 is carried out in March 1965. The spacecraft screw Voskhod - 2 consist of two cosmonauts: Pavel Beliaev and Alexey Leonov. During this flight Alexey Leonov has left the spacecraft and made the first space walk.

Voskhod spacecraft.

Leonov EVA

Cosmonauts Komarov, Egorov and Feoktistov.

Leonov EVA

Cosmonauts Leonov and Beliaev.

Leonov EVA

Cosmonaut Leonov in the oter space.

All manned flights under the program Voskhod:

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