Boris Jegorow Boris Egorov Борис Егоров



Boris Egorov

(Борис Борисович Егоров)

(Nov 26, 1937 - Sep 12, 1994)

Cosmonaut 15

Cosmonaut of the USSR 9

Spaceflights 1


No. Launch OrbiterDuration
1st Oct 12, 1964Voskhod 1 d 0 h 17 m (24 h 17 m)
Cumulative time: 1 d 0 h 17 m (24 h 17 m)

The first professional physician in space. Boris Yegorov and his the crew colleague Konstantin Feoktistov are the first civilian cosmonauts. Until now, only professional military pilots were flying into space, such as the Soviet and American.


Boris Egorov.

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