Wladimir Komarow Vladimir Komarov Владимир Комаров



Vladimir Komarov

(Mar 16, 1927 - Apr 24, 1967)

Cosmonaut 13

Cosmonaut of the USSR 7

Spaceflights 2


No. Launch OrbiterDuration
1st Oct 12, 1964Voskhod 1 d 0 h 17 m (24 h 17 m)
2nd Apr 23, 1967Soyuz 1 d 2 h 47 m 52 s (26 h 47 m 52 s)
Cumulative time: 2 d 3 h 4 m 52 s (51 h 4 m 52 s)

Vladimir Komarov was the first commander of the space crew. Vladimir Komarov was the first Soviet cosmonaut to perform the second space flight. Komarov piloted the first spacecraft Soyuz. Spacecraft of the Soyuz series with some modifications are still in operation. Komarov died while landing the Soyuz spacecraft, as a result of the parachute system's failure. Komarov - the first Suspense cosmonaut, who died while performing space flight.


Vladimir Komarov.

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