Dec 15, 2001 - Jun 15, 2002
Onufrienko (Commander), Bursch, Walz.
Dec 05, 2001 22:19:28
Jun 19, 2002 17:57:41
195 d 19 h 38 m 13 s
(4699 h 38 m 13 s)

Visits to the ISS
Michael Bloomfield, Stephen Frick, Jerry Ross,
Steven Smith, Ellen Ochoa, Lee Morin,
Rex Walheim
Yuri Gidzenko, Roberto Vittori, Mark Shuttleworth
Kenneth Cockrell, Paul Lokhart, Franklin Chang-Diaz,
Philip Perrin, Peggy Whitson, Valery Korzun,
Sergey Treschev

Crew ISS-4 from Dec 12, 2001 to Jun 15, 2002: Daniel Bursch, Yuri Onufrienko, Carl Walz.

Daniel Bursch


Astronaut No. 299

Astronaut USA No. 187

Bursch: 4th flight (last)

Cumulative time: 226 d 22 h 14 m 50 s
(5446 h 14 m 50 s)

Yuri Onufrienko (Commander)


Cosmonaut No. 342

Cosmonaut Russia No. 82

Onufrienko: 2nd flight (last)

Cumulative time: 389 d 14 h 45 m 48 s
(9350 h 45 m 48 s)

Carl Walz


Astronaut No. 300

Astronaut USA No. 188

Walz: 4th flight (last)

Cumulative time: 230 d 13 h 2 m 50 s
(5533 h 2 m 50 s)


ISS Crew-4.


ISS Crew-4 and Atlantis STS-110.


ISS Crew-4 and Soyuz TM-34.


ISS Crew-4, Crew-5 and crew of Endeavour STS-111.

The fourth crew was delivered on ISS by a space shuttle Endeavour STS-108. Endeavour has started from cape Canaveral on the 5th of December and has joined with ISS on the 7th of Decenber. Endeavour has taken away the third crew of ISS and has returned on the Earth of the 17th of December.
The start of Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-111, earlier planned by the beginning of May, was held on the 6th of June. Therefore 4th basic crew of the ISS is compelled superfluous month to remain on orbit. The common duration of stay in space of 4th crew (Juri Onufrienko, Carl Walz, Daniel Bursch) after touchdown Endeavour on the 19th of June, will make 196 day. The record of continuous stay in Space for the American astronauts makes 188 day. This record belongs to Shannon Licid, which one in 1996 more than half-year has conducted on the Russian Space station Mir. The co-owners of a new record for the American astronauts become Carl Walz and Daniel Bursch. Unfortunately, Juri Onufrienko was lucky less, the space endurance record for the Russian cosmonauts (more than year) remained inaccessible. Can be, Juri Onufrienko will console a little that 4th basic crew of the ISS has appeared, while, most long-lived (196 days) from all crews till now visited on the ISS. 1-st crew - 141 days. 2 crew - 167 days. 3-rd crew - 123 days.
The following change of crew on ISS is planned in June 2002.

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