Aug 20, 2001 - Dec 15, 2001
Culbertson (Commander), Dezhurov, Tyurin.
Aug 10, 2001 21:10:14
Dec 17, 2001 17:55:16
128 d 20 h 45 m 2 s
(3092 h 45 m 2 s)

Visits to the ISS
Victor Afanasyev, Konstantin Kozeev, Claudie Andre-Deshay (Haignere)
Dominic Gorie, Mark Kelly, Daniel Tani,
Linda Godwin, Daniel Bursch, Carl Walz,
Yuri Onufrienko

Crew ISS-3 from Aug 20, 2001 to Dec 15, 2001: James Voss, Yuri Usachev, Susan Helms.

Mikhail Tyurin


Cosmonaut No. 406

Cosmonaut Russia No. 93

Tyurin: 1st flight

Cumulative time: 128 d 20 h 45 m 2 s
(3092 h 45 m 2 s)

Frank Culbertson (Commander)


Astronaut No. 233

Astronaut USA No. 142

Culbertson: 3rd flight (last)

Cumulative time: 143 d 14 h 50 m 44 s
(3446 h 50 m 44 s)

Vladimir Dezhurov


Cosmonaut No. 325

Cosmonaut Russia No. 79

Dezhurov: 2nd flight (last)

Cumulative time: 244 d 5 h 28 m 2 s
(5861 h 28 m 2 s)


ISS Crew-3.


ISS Crew-3 and Soyuz TM-33.


ISS Crew-3, Crew-4 and Endeavour STS-108.


Change of ISS-2 and ISS-3 crews.

The third crew was delivered on ISS by a space shuttle Discovery STS-105. Discovery has started from cape Canaveral on the 9th of August and has joined with ISS on the 11th of August. Discovery has taken away the srcond crew of ISS and has returned on the Earth on the 21st of August. The following change of the ISS crew is planned in November. The start Discovery STS-108 with the fourth crew for ISS is planned for 29 November 2001.

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