Discovery STS-33 Дискавери STS-33

Nov 23, 1989 00:23:30
Nov 28, 1989 00:30:18
5 d 0 h 6 m 48 s
(120 h 6 m 48 s)

Front: Kathryn Thornton, Frederick Gregory, Story Musgrave. Behind: Manley Carter, John Blaha.

Frederick Gregory (Commander)


Astronaut No. 165

Astronaut USA No. 94

Gregory: 2nd flight

Cumulative time: 12 d 0 h 15 m 34 s
(288 h 15 m 34 s)

John Blaha (Pilot)


Astronaut No. 212

Astronaut USA No. 123

Blaha: 2nd flight

Cumulative time: 9 d 23 h 45 m 38 s
(239 h 45 m 38 s)

Story Musgrave


Astronaut No. 116

Astronaut USA No. 53

Musgrave: 3rd flight

Cumulative time: 17 d 23 h 15 m 56 s
(431 h 15 m 56 s)

Manley Carter


Astronaut No. 221

Astronaut USA No. 132

Carter: 1st flight (last)

Cumulative time: 5 d 0 h 6 m 48 s
(120 h 6 m 48 s)

Kathryn Thornton


Astronaut No. 222

Astronaut USA No. 133

Woman-astronaut No. 12

Thornton: 1st flight

Cumulative time: 5 d 0 h 6 m 48 s
(120 h 6 m 48 s)


Crew of Space Shuttle Discovery in orbit.


Crew of Space Shuttle Discovery.

Thirty-second flight of the Space Shuttle. The ninth flight of the Shuttle Discovery. Flight for the US Department of Defense.

Soviet newspapers about
the Discovery flight

"Soviet Russia" November 25, 1989 Gazeta

Spy in Orbit

The crew of the space shuttle "Discovery", which launched on Wednesday evening from the cosmodrome at the Cape Canaveral (Florida), completed the main mission of the flight - launched a reconnaissance satellite weighing 2.5 tons into orbit.

This was reported by the AP agency citing sources in NASA. Since the Discovery flight is carried out according to the program the Pentagon, all its details are kept in strict confidence. According to press reports and speculation by experts, a spy satellite launched into orbit 10 hours after the launch of the spacecraft is intended for tracking for testing Soviet missiles, as well as for intercepting high-frequency telephone conversations. The satellite will be located 22,300 miles above the equator.

As reported by NASA, "Discovery" with five astronauts on board is to land on Sunday at 19:02 local time at Edwards Air Force Base in California. It is indicated that the crew is doing well.

The longest flight:
Dec 21, 1987 365 d 22 h 39 m 00 s (8782 h 39 m 0 s) Vladimir Titov and Musa Manarov

The largest number of flights: 6 Young

The most cumulative time in space (3 flightа):
430 d 18 h 15 m 30 s (10338 h 15 m 30 s) Yuri Romanenko

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