Alexandar Alexandrow Alexander Alexandrov Александр Александров



Alexander Alexandrov

(Dec 01, 1951)

Cosmonaut 206

Cosmonaut Bulgaria 2

Spaceflights 1


No. Launch OrbiterDuration
1st Jun 07, 1988 Soyuz ТМ-5 - Mir - Soyuz ТМ-4 9 d 20 h 10 m 00 s (236 h 10 m 0 s)
Cumulative time: 9 d 20 h 10 m 00 s (236 h 10 m 0 s)

Alexander Alexandrov is the second cosmonaut of Bulgaria. In compensation for an unsuccessful flight of the first cosmonaut Georgy Ivanov, Bulgaria received the second cosmonaut. The flight of the second Bulgarian cosmonaut passed safely. There was a docking with the Mir station and the flight program was fully implemented.

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